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Designing your dream outdoor space is a collaborative journey at Oasis Landscape and Design. Our design team prides itself on working hand-in-hand with you, combining your ideas with our expertise. We focus on creating designs that are not just visually striking but also practical, considering Ohio's unique climate and terrain. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means we’re dedicated to crafting spaces that are a true extension of your lifestyle and taste.

We create custom designs through listening to our clients, assessing their homes and then bringing their vision to life. We take into consideration the functionality, setting realistic expectations, while respecting your budget. 

The team at Oasis Landscape & Design thrives on transforming spaces with their collective eye for design and a shared passion for exterior decorating. Each project is approached as a unique opportunity, blending art and functionality. The team particularly enjoys the meticulous process of crafting unique landscapes, balancing robust hardscapes with the softer, natural curves of plant life. Their skill lies in creating dynamic flower beds and implementing year-round plant designs, focusing on diverse textures, colors, and strategic bloom times. This collaborative approach ensures that every outdoor space becomes a living, breathing extension of the home, mirroring the team's dedication to detail and beauty.

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The Oasis Family is a proud Highland School family, and live in Sharon Township within Medina County in Ohio. Oasis Landscape & Design has been nurtured by a very strong referral base, because their customers have always been very pleased with their work.

Your oasis awaits

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